Small Business Marketing Online – How Customers Can Find You on Google

The Google search engine is one of the top search engines used by all people; this includes your customers and your competitions. So if you would like your customers to find you on Google you have three possibilities for that to happen.Google’s paid, sponsored listings, the natural search results and Google Places, also known as Google Maps and Google Local.The first option for your customers to find you on Google search engine is through their paid listings also known as AdWords or the sponsored listings. The easiest way to think of the AdWords is to think of it as a paid classified ad. Whenever anyone types can a search phrase in search engine, typically AdWords results will also show.These AdWords ads are typically at the top of the page right above the natural search listings and the local Google Places Listings. These ads are also in an area where the background color is a different shade than the normal white background color of the search results.These AdWords ads also show up in a column on the right hand side of the page. There is usually anywhere from 1 to 8 different ads on each page of the search results.Second option for customers to find you on the ‘Big G’ is through the natural search results. These results are free listings that are shown in order based on their super secret algorithm. They’re listed in order of what feel is most relevant to the search term that the searcher typed in.And then the third and final option for your customers to find you is through Google’s local business listings. The local listings are also known as Google Places Listings, Google Maps and Google Local Directory. The Places Listings are free listings that businesses can receive and are typically displayed prominently next to a large Map underneath the sponsored ads or AdWords ads.So if you do a search within Google for a term related to your business, such as Seattle doughnut shop and your business does not show anywhere on the first page you have three different options to look at.You can work on optimizing your site so that it shows on the first page in the natural search results. You can create a paid AdWords ad and have your ad show on the pages sponsored listings. And you can add your business to the Places Listings.

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